Behavior Management Services

Unfortunately, the aging process as well as illness sometimes produces significant cognitive decline for seniors.  This decline can lead to problematic behaviors which pose a threat to the residents themselves or to other members of the facility community. 

Working closely with facility staff, PROVIDER will develop individual behavior programs to monitor and correct problems that may arise for residents.  PROVIDER also assists in developing positive reinforcement programs for increased independence and self-care for residents. 

Included in this effort, our clinicians will provide “mini-in-services” to CENA’s of the facility to provide training in the implementation of the behavioral plans and follow-up to provide revisions or changes to the plans to increase their utility.  These efforts can significantly:

  • Reduce the risk of danger to the resident, staff, and others in the facility
  • Support the highest quality of life to the resident
  • Allow for reduction or elimination of unnecessary psychotropic medications
  • Provide for a reduction in stress to families and caregivers
  • Encourage more efficient unit functioning and alleviate resident stress.